For the remainder of this year, we are focusing on our current clientele and wellness.   I really want to share a blank generic message like that one, instead of the truth that’s a little harder for me to say. I have found myself, at 30, struggling with GI issues and we’re still looking for […]

Beach Safety Flags| Panama City beach trip | Panama City Beach, FL   I love meeting all the visitors coming to enjoy a Panama City Beach trip. Today I’m sharing information you NEED to know before hitting the FL beaches.     The Beach Flags All down the Emerald Coast you will notice colored flags […]

Dame’s Soldier’s Medal | Panama City Beach photographer | NSA Something really huge happened for my husband recently.   A little over two years ago he came across a motorcycle accident and helped stabilize an injured motorcyclist until the paramedics showed up. We had no clue how much this would impact our lives. If you […]

My family cabin l Soda Springs, CA l Serene Lakes       My family cabin. It holds some of my very best memories. The weather is perfect in the summertime. The winter weather is a little nippy for my taste. This year during our annual summer vacation in California, we were lucky to get […]