Hey! I'm Ashley.

 I'm quirky, silly and a little bit eccentric.

I am completely obsessed with plants and instinctively say "oh that baby!" every time I see a dog. Then I have to pet the cute dog. Always.

I'm a soccer mom to two daughters who are headstrong, silly and they say the darndest things.

I'm a little bit of a plant hoarder, I will always quote The Office when the perfect opportunity comes and I will NEVER turn down a chance to watch a Vince Vaughn rom-com.

When I'm not working, you can find me in my sun-room taking care of my plant babies, drinking coffee and snuggling my pups(they don't like to be snuggled but tough- they need to let me love them).

I'm OBSESSED with candid portraits of all the little moments. 

In this busy season of life, I find myself looking back on portraits
and realizing all those little moments were my favorite moments.  

Our latest family memories:

About Me

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