You started your business because you craved freedom.

...and you knew your brand could make a difference.

You have a strong sense of purpose + the impact you want your brand to make- but creating brand content like you envision is harder than convincing your hubby to give you the last slice of cake.

You're feeling...

Discouraged because after spending countless hours taking your own photos, you have brand photos you 100% do not love.

Frustrated because you're not seeing the sales or growth you wanted.

Short on time to create the content you want that connects with your customers.

But you don't want help from just any brand photographers, you love your brand and know it deserves the absolute best.

The thing is, Relying on hastily taken, do-it-yourself photos at the last minute isn't a sustainable brand strategy.

Your business isn't run on hastily thrown-together last-minute plans, and your brand imagery shouldn't be either

You've got the right vision- you just need it made into content that...

You love that speaks directly to your target customers.

Is fun, full of personality and captures your brand's unique vibes!

Sells your products on it's own- while strategically growing your brand. you can tell your brand story, boost revenue, and create a lasting impact with your brand.

Imagine this...

Being able to relax while your irresistible brand content takes center stage, effortlessly selling out your product launches.

When you have strategic brand imagery there's no need to spend hours taking your own product photos, running model rep searches or answering tons of product questions.

Allow your brand imagery to shoulder the load, empowering you to confidently share your website with, dare I say, pride!

So you can...

Take your kids for a warm, sunny mid-day picnic at the park - leaving your phone at home.

Leave work early to bake sweet, soft snickerdoodle cookies with your family.

Land a huge, paid-in-full wholesale order while laying on the warm, sandy beach watching your family frolicking in the salty waves. 

That's the beauty of strategic brand content. It showcases your brand experience, puts you in the spotlight as the go-to shop, and seals the deal without you ever leaving your beach towel.

Get started with our studio

It's time to sprinkle some joy into your brand content.

Your very own passport to one-of-a-kind brand imagery, higher visibility, and a seamlessly smooth business experience!

The only thing you need to do is to send us your products and sit back while we craft strategic brand imagery that propels your brand to new heights and has your customers eagerly reaching for their wallets.

Meet amc brand

all packages include:

+ tailor-made lifestyle images with models, product and flat lays and/or collabs 

+ easily downloadable online high resolution & web resolution galleries 

+ 3 week turnaround (although, between us, I usually nab it back from my editor sooner—early deliveries are my jam!)

+ access to our AMC model database, a vault of a whopping 290+ unique models! 

samples are given to models for payment, if products need to be returned, client must include return label and pay models in cash or product credit.


Best choice to showcase your whole new lineup of products.
Clear product photos,
Lifestyle pictures with model,
Styled flat lay pictures with products
(high & web resolution galleries)

Up to 40 products, up to 8 models 

Perfect to showcase your seasonal launch.
Clear product photos,
Lifestyle pictures with model,
Styled flat lay pictures with products
(high & web resolution galleries)

Up to 20  products, 2-5 models 

Ideal for the petite product launches.
Clear product photos,
Lifestyle pictures with model,
Styled flat lay pictures with products
(high & web resolution galleries)

Up to 10 products, 1 model 

brand photography packages



$ 420/ month or $460 one time

$ 700/ month or $740 one time


$ 1490/ month or $1600 one time

*Unlock subscription pricing by committing to a 3-month journey with us (ensuring you never run out of amazing brand content for your marketing)

The best place to ease in if you're a newbie to brand photography!
Clear product photos,
Lifestyle pictures with model,
Styled flat lay pictures with product
(high & web resolution galleries) 

Up to 10 products, 1 model, 

$350  one time only

Product only photos- White backdrop only, No model

below 20 products - $35 / product

20  products and up - $30 / product 

product only photos

add on VIDEO

Completed reel video  / $290

20+  raw video clips  / $290

40+ raw video clips  / $560

trial session

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a la carte +add ons

We'll be your business bffs if...

You're a purposeful brand owner who loves to help customers find the perfect product to fit their needs- not just make a sale.

You understand the importance of custom brand content to attract your target customers.

You want your customers to feel like purchasing from your brand is an exciting experience, not just another "transaction".

You're ready to hand your content creation off to the experts - yet but still want to play a role in the process. After all, your brand is your baby.

We're NOT the fit for you if don't believe in strategic brand moves, you prioritize sales over serving your customers, and aren't up for a trust fall into our sea of expertise.

I run my studio with my fantastic all-women team.

We're here to make your small business journey less stressful and dare I say, a lot more enjoyable!

If you want brand photographers who need your direction for every single move we make - we're not your girls.

If you want an experienced team of devoted creators to help transform your brand , offer our strategic opinions and craft your best brand imagery yet- we're ready to rock.

Together we'll turn your preferences and vision into brand imagery that resonates with your ideal customers, making your brand shine in a fresh, distinctive light.  

Howdy! I'm Ashley.

a strategic brand photographer, content connoisseur + your soon-to-be right hand lady.

is being obsessed with my brand content even possible?

hold my big milkshake.



victory lap

We'll begin our journey after  you submit the effortless booking form. We'll review your preferences and look over your mood board, creating a game plan to create strategic brand imagery that will bring your vision to life.

Once you submit your brand form and ship us your products, your job is done!

I'll dive into my AMC model database, find and book the perfect models to accent your products + bring them to life.

I'll capture your products, styled flat lays  and photos with models to create tailor-made brand imagery that will sell your products effortlessly. 

I'll deliver your bright, diverse brand gallery within 3 weeks of your brand shoot. (between us, I usually get them back from my editor sooner—early deliveries are my fave!)

All you'll need to do is hit post!

let's do this!

snag your spot

our brands have described the AMC photography experience as amazing, a breeze and magical...but we'll let you decide.

Can I shoot it to you straight?

You could try to take your brand photos yourself, run a model rep search then sort submitted photos and try to adjust them to make them look how you want...and end up right back where you started.

Or you could choose to work with a strategic partner who will take care of your content creation process- creating brand imagery that builds your brand recognition, boosts revenue and creates trust with your customers.

Your brand deserves content that's more than just "okay"

After all the late nights and dedication you've poured into your business, don't leave things to chance with content that doesn't move the needle...

let's move it!

start the journey