Beach Safety Flags | Panama City beach trip | Panama City Beach, FL

Beach Safety Flags| Panama City beach trip | Panama City Beach, FL


I love meeting all the visitors coming to enjoy a Panama City Beach trip.

Today I’m sharing information you NEED to know before hitting the FL beaches.



The Beach Flags

All down the Emerald Coast you will notice colored flags flying to indicate the current water conditions.

By following the beach flags during your Panama City Beach trip you can keep you and your family safe.


Double Red Flags-

The Gulf is CLOSED. The beach remains open.

Do not go into the water when it’s double red. It’s not only illegal, it’s straight up dangerous. Many people have died trying to save others that cannot escape the currents during double reds. It’s not worth it.


Single Red Flag-

When the single red flag is flying, it means high hazards such as high surf and/or strong currents are present. This typically means swim at your own risk. If you aren’t a strong swimmer or you have young children, it’s best to not swim during these conditions.


Yellow Flag-

When the yellow flag is flying, it means medium hazards such as moderate surf and/or currents are present.

Usually a little wavy but good for a beach day!

Just make sure you stay alert and use caution when enjoying the beautiful water during your Panama City Beach trip.


Green Flag-

When the green flag is flying it means low hazards or a consistent calm condition.

I’ve only seen one green flag beach day and it was absolute perfection.


Purple Flag-

When you see a purple flag flying, it means that dangerous marine life such as jellyfish, stingrays, Man O’ War, ect. are present.

It’s “swim at your own risk”.

Personally, I don’t like to risk it.

If you’ve ever been stung by a jellyfish you understand where I’m coming from. 😂

Just in case, make sure to prepare a jellyfish first aid kit.

If you don’t see any flags flying during you Panama City Beach trip, you can find the information for the current conditions below.

It’s possible that the beach conditions can differ from different beaches so always make sure to look up the beach flags for the city you’re visiting.

Beach Flag Information for Panama City Beach.

Beach Flag Information for Inlet Beach

Beach Flag Information for Rosemary Beach

Beach Flag Information for Miramar Beach

Beach Flag Information for Santa Rosa Beach

Beach Flag Information for Destin Beaches


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