Friday Frame Features | Panama City Portrait Photographer   Every Friday one of our custom frames will be featured.   Here are just a few of the custom frames we offer for our museum framed canvases. Each portrait is fully edited and triple checked by multiple people with a fine-toothed comb before the canvas order […]

  Laura + Maxwell | Destin Wedding Photography   Laura and Maxwell are my sweet couple who were supposed to get married today at The Island. Lately I have been feeling so helpless in helping my sweet couples. I know there isn’t anything I can do other than try to bring some smiles to them […]

Meet My New Marketing Employee | Panama City Lifestyle Photography   Hello everybody! With this pandemic, there are really no rules anymore. I’m now a homeschool teacher. I am desperately trying to figure it all out. On the real.   After reading probably the best things I’ve read in quite a bit, one of my […]

Sea Dragon Pirate Cruise | Family Fun in Panama City Beach My sweet out of town clients are always wanting to know what fun things they can do with their family during their vacation. If you have kids, this is the one thing you do not want to miss. Full transparency- my husband Dameon is […]

My WHY. | Panama City family photographer   I have heard the question so many times. Why did you decide to become a professional photographer as your career?   I used to think that is was because I didn’t want to forget how my kids are right now. When Bell was little I didn’t take […]

How I’m dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic | Florida Wedding Photographer     I know that everyone is kind of losing it all over the place right now. Everything is uncertain and lets be real- a little bit scary right about now. I get it. I really do. Let’s talk about it real quick. I […]

The important box. | Panama City Photographer   Okay this is going to sound weird. Hear me out.   I was so excited when I ordered these new boxes to add to my client gifts and when they came in I had to assemble one right away. I sat it on my office shelf and […]

Martin Family | McKenzie Park Family Session | Panama City Downtown Family Portraits I’ve known the Martin family for a few years now. They are the next door neighbors! They’re fabulous neighbors too. Fabulous! I have to keep correcting myself because I want to say Erica and Michael. This year they became the Martin family! […]

FAQs -wedding edition | Panama City Beach Wedding Photographer At a few of my latest wedding consultations, I’ve been hearing the same questions. So, my sweet bride to be’s… here it is! All the frequently asked questions I hear most!   How will I know when is a good time for my ceremony to start? […]

Angie + Tommy | Mexico Beach FL engagement session I’ve known Angie a few years. We met when we worked together at a wedding in Georgia. She was the florist and y’all..she is AMAZING. I’ve adored her ever since.   I’m so serious. You ever meet the kind of people that make you think “omg […]