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Spring Brand Session | Ashley Morse Commercial

During this week’s spring brand session, we captured all the adorable outfits and pajamas for Little Joy Co.’s spring collection.

The pajamas are a new product the brand is offering and they are buttery soft.

The ultimate luxurious pajamas for all the sweet little babies.





I really loved the Easter outfits because are so simple.

The colors are beautiful colors that aren’t too bright.

The quality of everything that comes from this shop (Little Joy Co.) really is top-notch.

Feeling the clothing, it feels like quality clothing that will last- even with the kids that are super rough on their clothes (hello my youngest daughter Autumn, whose clothes are the real MVP) 😂.

A few of my absolute favorites of all time from this brand are the beach tote with toys, the waffle outfits, and the suctioned plates- (hello chips and salsa on the boat not moving an inch)😂.


Our AMC models were so much fun during this spring brand session.

They all showed up so happy and ready to play!

For their spring collection, Little Joy Co. had matching toddler and baby pajamas and needed them modeled together with 2 models.

It was so fun (and a little noisy 😂 ) pairing up a few sweet models and capturing them together.

The sweet baby models adored the toddlers and LOVED modeling with them.❤️

Our studio recently began offering the option to add on video clips to our packages.

The brand owner is going to use her add-on videos for her Etsy shop listings!

What a fun way to showcase your products alongside your great brand photos.

I can’t wait to start mixing those into our social media.


Yayyyyy for having the best job in the world!❤️❤️❤️



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