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Top Flat Lay Tips | FL Commercial Photography | Ashley Morse Commercial

Top Flat Lay Tips | FL Commercial Photography

If you feel like you are in full-blown juggle mode with your small business right now- we get it.

Our studio specializes in FL commercial photography full-time and I (Ashley) run my household with my family and farm- I know allll about juggling!  🤪

Let’s chat about how flat lays can help your small business! 

What is a flat lay?

It’s a styled product image where you lay products flat and photograph them- thus the flat lay name.

Flat lays are the perfect way to showcase your products in a fun way that helps spur ideas and inspiration in your customers!

If you’ve been thinking of planning a cute flat-lay shoot for your small business… this is the POST for you!


Our Top Tips For Flat Lays (For Your Small Business  😘 )


Choose a backdrop/paper.  Make sure to choose a backdrop that is one of your brand colors (or is complementary to your brand colors). Keep in mind, you will be using these photos and seeing them a reasonable amount. You want the backdrop to compliment your brand.

Choose your props.  The biggest thing to remember here is this- less is more. One of the biggest mistakes we see small business owners make is posting flat lays that are overstyled.

They aren’t really helping their product stand out, nor helping to sell their product because their customers are confused on what’s even being sold. You want your potential customers to know within 1 second of looking at your flat lay what your image is showcasing.


Prep all your products. I know it can be verrrrry tempting to skip this step because let’s face it- it’s not fun.

Pressing and ironing all your products before the shoot is essential to ensure they look the very best.

I like to lay clothing out or hang it up so it doesn’t wrinkle prior to the session.


Capture! The best lighting is going to be natural lighting.

So turn off all your lights and open the windows. Shoot near the window in the early morning/afternoon for the best lighting. For maximum brand consistency, capture your flat lays at the same time of day and they’ll have the most consistent lighting and look.

A few little reminders …

+ Make sure you capture the flat lay from parallel directly above so there is no distortion to the products in the flat lay image.

+ Make sure the flat lay is well-lit and you can see the product clearly.

+ Don’t over-style & have fun with it!

+ Choose props that add texture and fun (without distracting from your product)



Our Fave Flat Lay Prop Ideas: 

+ pampas grass
+  fresh florals
+  chunky blanket/small textured cloth
+  palm leaf
+  delicate ribbon
+  rattle / pacifier

+ seasonal items – pinecones, fresh florals, flags, greenery, etc.

See our some of our favorite flat lays here.

We love Pinterest for inspiration for props!


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