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Prepping for back to school as a entrepreneur wellness coach | Ashley Morse

As a veteran entrepreneur wellness coach, I know the start to a new school year can be a big transition. Especially if you are a entrepreneur parent who has been loving the late morning sleep ins.(GUILTY AS CHARGED 💁‍♀️ 💁‍♀️ )

To be honest, I love organization and systems.

I could gush about them all day!

It’s the only way I get everything I need done, and I feel great about how I do it.





Here’s how I  prep for back to school as a veteran entrepreneur wellness coach:



1. Create a Healthy Meal/Snack Pinterest Board.

I will be saving recipes on a Pinterest board for lunch and snack ideas. Honestly I am old school and really love to print them out and put them in my recipe box. 😂

I’ve found that when life gets hectic and busy, my mind usually goes blank when it comes to meal and snack creativity, so having a resource of curated, healthy recipes and ideas is such a huge thing for me. I really find happiness in trying to prep and make healthy meals for my family.😂



2. Plan out and schedule my upcoming small business social media content.

I love to work in the mornings.

I will set aside a morning to plan and map out what I want my content to look like for the next few weeks or so. (I say or so because sometimes I have the bandwidth to schedule 2 weeks at a time, sometimes it’s just one.)

Listen to your body and follow a rhythm that feels good to you.

Just remember, always- Quality over quantity.

You want to make sure you are posting things that align with your brand and your brand values.

I promise you, posting 2 posts that scream your brand is better than posting 6 posts with no caption at all.

People can’t create much of a brand connection with just a image and no caption.



3. Ease back into my schedule as a veteran entrepreneur wellness coach & adjust my calendar availability accordingly.

When school lets out, I adjust my availability so that I can spend as much quality time with my kids as possible and still be as effective in my business as I want.

It’s a fine line to walk y’all. 😂

When school begins, I adjust my calendar so I can work around their school schedules.



4. Practice a lot of self compassion.

This is something that felt almost impossible at first, but has now brought me so much fulfillment.

Just know that you are doing your best and that is something to be proud of.

It can be difficult to remember but trying your best looks different every single day.


5. Do as many things in advance as possible.

Last minute deadlines and the sense of urgency spike my anxiety, so to help alleviate that, I love to get everything I can done in advance- as much as I possibly can.

My favorite thing to do is plan ahead, especially since the weekdays are so jam packed.

I love to place grocery orders for pickup, make breakfast muffins and freeze them, make pb&js and freeze them, and prep lunches, snacks and dinners.


6. Lean on my support network.

Asking for help can be an amazing thing.

If you are like me it can also be very difficult.

The more you ask for support, the more space for wellness you have.


7. Stick to my routine and self care.

Yoga in the mornings with coffee after dropping the kids off at school is how I start my day.

It is my time to look over my daily to do list and begin my work with intention.


8. I’m hosting a free support call!

I know many veteran entrepreneurs can use a little support right about now.

During this free one hour chat, I will lead the discussion about difficulties we faced this week, wins we had and support one another during the back to school transition with a sense of community.

When: Friday, August 12 | 10 am-11 am Central Time
Where: Via Zoom (sign up for details below)




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