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PCB brand photography | B By The Sea Adventures | Ashley Morse Commercial

B By The Sea Adventures | PCB brand photography | Ashley Morse Commercial

One of my favorite PCB brand photography sessions thus far!

Y’all, my heart is just so full + happy.

If you don’t already know, I am a fierce self-care advocate.

I know that taking care of yourself and doing the things that make your soul happy is the best thing you can ever do for yourself.

I love entrepreneurship because I have the flexibility to run my company and spend quality time with my family.


You may recognize the captain of today’s dolphin tour- it’s our studio manager Brittany!

We are beyond grateful that we both can run our small businesses and be flexible with our scheduling while getting all our work done.

We are both living our dream lives and we are so thankful that we are able to.

One thing I have been super excited about lately is having the availability to add a few local brands to our client list.

Typically we work with a lot of out-of-state brands who ship us their products, so today’s local brand session was such a different pace and I’ll tell you what-  it was absolutely magical.



Today we spent the day in Panama City Beach, FL, and captured a PCB Dolphin Tour for local company B By The Sea Adventures.

Our studio manager Brittany has been dreaming of starting her own dolphin tour business.

She got her boat and has started running her dolphin tours!


Of course, her brand session today was LITERALLY so much fun!

During her brand consultation weeks ago, we chatted about her goals and I created a game plan of shots I wanted to capture to help her brand the most.

She said she envisioned her brand photos to be bright, fun and showcase family fun, smiling faces, and swimming with dolphins!

Her preference was a model family with older kids.

I was like “Oh my goodness! Hold on one second!”

I checked my calendar and realized my parents would be in town on the date of her brand session.

I asked Britt if the model family could be my parents and my daughters.

She said “oh my gosh of course!”

Which also meant I got to spend the morning working and watching my girls swim with dolphins and snorkel.

(literally  😭 💗)

We met at St. Andrew’s Marina in Panama City Beach, FL at the boat the morning of our trip.

Everything was ready when we arrived at the boat.

The boat had a cooler already full of ice and water.

It was such a beautiful clear morning.

We went into the bay and through the pass into the Gulf of Mexico for a while.


When the time came, Brittany had all the gear we needed to snorkel.

Everyone loved hopping in and cooling off.

They found so many sand dollars- a lot were still alive! (We only kept 2 that were already dead.)


Brittany has been on these waterways since she was little.

I loved how much she told us about everything and how safe she made us all feel.

Her passion and love for marine wildlife shines through in everything she says and does.

I couldn’t have asked for a better morning.

The family got the swim with dolphins, snorkeled, and find sand dollars and shells.

The water was the most gorgeous turquoise color.

We saw a big school of tarpon.

I got to see my dad and my girls swim with dolphins.

It was magical.

I am beyond grateful.💗








I am so excited for the other fun local brands we get to capture next!


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