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Our studio has been busy working on our storefront lately.

I am obsessed with our new business sign at the entrance of our full-time commercial photography studio.



I ordered the sign from an old friend, her company is Light Box Laser.

If you are a small business owner, you’ll want to follow her on IG.👈


Our Studio Story

A few years ago when I was ready to move into a photography studio, I looked at a few spaces for lease.

However, over the next few months it became clear I would need to have my portrait studio be very close to our home or on property to be available to provide the medical support my daughters need. My husband Dame and I decided to explore our options.

We decided to rent our current home and buy a property where I could have a on property portrait studio.

My husband and I found the perfect 1 acre FL farm with my own private photography studio, with the most beautiful warm hardwood floors and large 12 foot windows to let in all the gorgeous light. It was the perfect solution…but I was a bit bummed about not have a storefront to make adorable.


The wall above the entrance to the portrait studio is large and a bit odd if we’re being blunt.

It’s just like one weird wall. It’s one weird wall. 😂

I saw a sign on my IG from Light Box Laser and I was like wait I might be able to make this weird wall work with me. 😂 😂

After a little back and forth for creative purposes, we ended with this as the final mock-up(using a crappy phone pic I sent her😂):




My studio manager Brittany helped me install our new sign for the studio.

We measured the center point over the door frame so we could line up the guides lines with that.

We inserted and stuck the letters to the wall and then removed the guides.

I think it turned out better than I imagined!





I found the entire process with my new commercial sign to be super easy to understand, super easy to install and I am literally already ordering another sign for my office.

If you are a small business owner, you need to head over to Light Box Laser and see what great signs she makes!



I am obsessed and can’t wait to decorate our studio storefront more- we absolutely adore our portrait studio specializing in commercial photography for kid brands.


I’ll update when I finish the look of the storefront to our portrait studio!


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