Commercial brand shoot with us | Commercial photography for Children’s brands

Commercial brand shoot with us | Commercial photography for Children’s brands

When I first chatted with the owner of the brand SassyLocks for her brand consultation, we ended up chatting for like over an hour. 😂

We bonded over how we are both working moms with our own businesses, and we shared life stories and had the best time getting to know each other.

I left our consultation feeling so full of creative energy and excitement.

We swapped so many ideas, she told me what she’d been envisioning, it was so amazing.


After we chatted I was able to understand what kind of brand photos they need.

Since SassyLocks items are mostly personalized, I  sent the brand a spreadsheet with all the details for customization for the models in their brand shoot.


I had the best time capturing their adorable outfits! Honestly, I am still very sad that most of these are not available in my size.

Commercial photography for Children's brands

A thing I really loved about the outfits from SassyLocks were ALLLL the options!

Every single outfit had matching hats, bows, and accessories.

I LOVE options.

The quality and fit were excellent.

Every single outfit looked like the comfiest outfit ever.

They were so many cute outfits that would be perfect for a day at the beach… So much versatility!

Our studio loves capturing commercial brand photography for children’s brands like SassyLocks!


What I’m most excited about for SassyLocks is that not only do they have beautiful brand photos, but consistent brand imagery that people can know and recognize as theirs-  while they can have more time doing what they love! 😍


I feel so grateful that I’m able to specialize in commercial brand photography for children’s brands and still be a present and loving momma to my daughters.


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