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We’re 30a family portrait photographers who capture your best beach memories in relaxed sessions the whole family will enjoy!

You’re ready to take a break from your busy life and get away to the beaches of 30a. Momma, you’ve made the right call! Rosemary Beach, Seacrest Beach, Seaside, Laguna Beach, Panama City Beach, Inlet Beach… we have SO many amazing spots to rest and explore here in the Florida Panhandle! You’re coming to one of the best spots to take a break from shuffling the kids to all. the. activities. and have some time to savor being with your family in a beautiful, fun, and relaxing place. I’m excited for you just thinking about it!

Your Florida vacation is the perfect time to have your family portraits created so you can remember not just this trip, but this season of your family’s life! Close your eyes and imagine sitting in your home, surrounded by your favorite memories with your favorite people. Can you picture it? A show-stopping canvas of your family hangs on the wall of your living room. A set of framed portraits of your family laughing and playing together on the beach line the walls of your hallway. An album that shows the personality of your kids and the love you all share between you rests on your coffee table so you can revisit those feelings any time you want.

This is what I specialize in: custom family portrait photography and heirloom artwork. 

I have two kids of my own—a teenage daughter and a six-year-old who acts like a cross between a sassy pre-teen and a judgey middle-aged woman—so I know how it goes. As much as you absolutely adore your children, planning a vacation and getting your kids to that vacation with your sanity intact can be A LOT. You definitely don’t need any stress or difficult decisions added to this trip. You’re coming here on vacation— and Momma, you deserve it!

Trust me when I say that family portrait sessions with me are as relaxing as that beachy breeze that’s about to be running through your hair. From start to finish, I make sure my sessions are fun, relaxed, and most importantly, stress-free for the whole family! I hold your hand and guide you through the entire process so the only thing you have to do is wrangle your family together and show up!

I’m not your average beach photographer. We don’t just spend an hour together on the beach and part ways. I’m committed to a long-term relationship with you so we can create beautiful portraits that best suit your family.

I guide you through a completely custom experience from the initial consult to the ordering appointment. At your consultation call, we’ll talk about your family, your upcoming vacation, and what you’re envisioning for your portraits. I always photograph with the end product in mind. This allows me to create the perfect products you’re dreaming of, whether it’s a framed canvas print, a set of torn-edge prints, or a leather album.

You deserve a custom family portrait experience that’s as good of a time as the rest of your vacation! At your session, I’ll lead the way with laughter and guide your family with my expertise to get the best portraits. You’ll never have to worry about where to put your hands or feeling awkward in front of the camera. I’ll direct you as needed and capture those in-between moments that I know you’ll absolutely LOVE.

I show up to every session as my full self and invite you to do the same. No need to be on your best behavior! My sessions are never stuffy or forced, and you’ll find that I’m the farthest thing from up-tight. I encourage playfulness and laughter during our session so we can capture the true spirit of your family. We’ll have a blast and you’ll end up with bright, clean portraits that are full of personality! 

Your ordering appointment takes place after your session. We’ll meet—in person or virtually—so you can view a cinematic presentation of your family portraits. I’ll help you choose your favorites and show you how those images would look on your walls or in your hands. Ordering sessions give you the chance to take how you imagined your family portraits to be and turn them into a reality! It’s one of my absolute favorite parts of a session and I know you’ll love it, too. 

You deserve more than drug-store prints with wonky color casts and files on a USB drive that collects dust in a drawer somewhere. At AMP, we offer heirloom products like handmade, torn-edge prints, museum-quality canvases, and gorgeous heirloom albums with swoon-worthy velvet, linen, or leather covers. The #1 favorite of my family clients is our framed canvas prints. They’re made by artisans in the United States and absolutely dreamy! 

Family portraits are about more than files. These images are part of your family’s story, your legacy! You are worthy of custom, heirloom artwork that you can hold in your hands and hang on the walls of your home for years to come. You deserve nice things, Momma. At the ordering session, my job is to make sure you get just that! 

Due to the custom nature of every session, the investment for family portrait experiences will look different from family to family. The artwork you're interested in enjoying in your home will determine your total investment. 

Most families invest between 2000 and 3000 on their artwork. Installment plans are available. 

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