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AMC Model List FAQ- Panama City Product Photographer | Ashley Morse Commercial

Panama City Product Photographer | Ashley Morse Commercial

Hey there!

As a Panama City Product Photographer,I love living near the beautiful beaches in Florida and capturing brand photos for the best brands in the U.S.!

Our studio has been welcoming so many sweet new models to our AMC model database!

I know it can be a little overwhelming… here are the frequently asked questions about our model list.

Q: Is this your full-time job?

A: Yesssssirrreeeeee bob! Ashley Morse Commercial is a full-time commercial photography studio.

We love being Panama City Product Photographers because we get to work with the very best brands and enjoy the beautiful beaches.



Q. How much does it cost to model?

A: It’s free!
In exchange for your time, you are compensated with the product (or product credit) and free photos of your sweet little model!



Q: Why do you have an on-property studio?

A: In order to always be on-property for my family’s medical needs, our commercial photography studio is located on my property.



Q: Are all your sessions held in the studio?

A: Not all of them! If your model session has another local location, we will let you know when we chat.



Q: How will we know if we are chosen to model?

A: If the need for your model’s age, size, etc. arises, our studio will reach out and confirm your model’s details and book your model session.

We will send you a welcome guide and email with all the details and info you need!



Q. When are your model sessions?

A: Our studio shoots all our model sessions on WEEKDAY mornings/afternoons.




Q: Can I add more than one child to the model list?

You can add as many children as you want to our AMC model list- and we’ll be thrilled to welcome them!

PLEASE make sure to fill out a separate model application for EACH child.

(I know it’s super cumbersome…but if they’re not separate the data comes through super funky and we can’t even consider your models!  😭)




Q: How should models dress?

Here are our suggestions on how to dress for your modeling session:

Neutrals + Simple!

We love neutrals such as grey, tan, and cream.

Blush, blues and khakis are good colors for bottoms and leggings.

Avoid any clothing with logos or bright colors.





If you’re local to Panama City, FL and want to join our model list… join here!

AMC Model List FAQ- Panama City Product Photographer

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