The Shetuni Family | Sweet Bay Family Session | Sweet Bay Panama City, FL

The Shetuni Family | Sweet Bay Family Session | Panama City Beach Family photographer


Jaclyn and Brandon have the three sweetest kids.

Bennett is four and such a charming and sweet boy.

Portia and Penelope are two year old twins and they are the cutest little curly haired girls.


The morning we met for their session it was a little chilly.

The wind was blowing.

I think something was in the air because the kids were free spirits to the max at this session.

I played with them a little and tried to coax them.

The heart wants what it wants and Penelope, Portia and Bennett’s hearts just wanted to play and frolic in the ocean.

I pivoted, tried multiple approaches and finally approached Jaclyn and asked “do you want to just try another day?”

She agreed and was so relieved.


This was a first for me but honestly, it’s life y’all.

Kids have their days just like we have our days.

I would much rather reschedule the session than get fake, forced smiles from grumpy little muffins.

So that’s precisely what we did.



Guess what?

It was fantastic.

Jaclynn thought maybe we should just try to get some portraits at their home in Sweet Bay.

I came to their house and played with the kids.

Bennett held his favorite Woody toy for most of the session.

We played ball, we had snacks.

It was great.

The kids had the best time being silly, snuggling their momma and watching the basketball bounce.


I came back to their home the next morning for the ordering session with Jaclyn.

She smiled so big as she watched their family slideshow of her kids laughing and playing with one another.

We went over options and she chose a gorgeous canvas trio for her hallway.

This is what we chose at the ordering appointment using my software we were able to see them projected in accurate sizing on the wall of her home.


After installation I will update this post with their gorgeous wall art on their walls!








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