The important box. | Panama City Photographer

The important box. | Panama City Photographer


Okay this is going to sound weird.

Hear me out.


I was so excited when I ordered these new boxes to add to my client gifts and when they came in I had to assemble one right away.

I sat it on my office shelf and caught myself staring at it today.

It hit me like a ton of bricks.

This is so much more than a box to me when I look at it.


To you, this is just a box.

To me this box is a symbol for dedication.


When I look at this box I think of how far my client experience has come.

It was seriously a hot mess when I started.

I mean I tried my best and thought it was amazing but I was wrapping their burned cd and tying a bow onto it and handing it to them.



I realized just how many years it took me to really perfect what I want my client experience to be.

This is such a sweet feeling.

Years of experience, ups and downs, adjustments and life lessons.


I think about the hundreds of texts I would send my mom, dad, Dame and best friends of “what do we think of this?”

“Can you give me some constructive criticism on this?”

“How does this sound?”.

I leaned on them and got feedback as I changed my website, made my pricing guides, all the things.

Literally all the things.

Thanks for always cheering me on guys. Love you!


I never wanted just a business.

I wanted an experience.

Something real and raw that you can feel and truly appreciate.

Not just the photographs, the experience itself.



Have you noticed all the pistachio green that’s new to my branding?

Let me tell you. I am obsessed.

Paris, France.

We we’re walking by the cutest little macaroon store and it was all pistachio green.

It never occurred to me how cute that color can be until I saw that shop.

I am now so obsessed with it.


Find what inspires you and surround yourself with it!





The important box | Panama City Photographer

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