Penny Lou’s A Boat Dog! | Panama City Family Fishing Trip

Penny Lou’s A Boat Dog! | Panama City Family Fishing Trip

Here’s what you should know.

Penny Lou is a total daddy’s girl.


When we first rescued her, she was scared to death of pretty much everything.

Poor little baby.

She would let me get close.

After about a month, she warmed up to Dame and that is her bff.

He teases her and she goes back for more.

It’s confusing as hell, but whatever.

Dame has been talking about taking her on the boat for awhile now.

So I measured her (as she stood still as a statue scared).

I ordered her a pink little life jacket.

She was not down with it when she tried it on.

There wasn’t flailing to get it off, more like a stiff waddle.

Today was her very first boat trip.

She was confused at first.

We rescued Penny Lou and she had a hard life before us so I held her alot.

Autumn gave her a lot of comfort and cuddles too.

She warmed up pretty quick and actually did pretty good.

Autumn and daddy caught a fish and she liked sniffing it.

She tried to take a little nibble and we drew the line.

Catch and release if they’re too little.

Catch and release baby.

Most of the day she stood back by daddy pressed against his legs as he drove the boat.

She wandered around a little bit.

Daddy picked her up and dipped her legs in the water and she loved it!

Penny Lou’s favorite thing on the open ocean: sniffing!

Her nose was going back and forth all day as she just went to town sniffing the air.

As soon as we got in the truck, she was snoozing.

Her first day on the boat was a success and now daddy has his boat dog!




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