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Ultimate Pack List For Your Beach Honeymoon | Rosemary Beach Wedding Photographer

Ultimate Pack List For Your Rosemary Beach Honeymoon |Rosemary Beach Wedding Photographer  | Ashley Morse Portraits



As a Rosemary Beach Wedding Photographer, I know that staying for a Rosemary Beach honeymoon is one of the best things!

First of all… Yay! You have just had the most amazing wedding!

Whether you’ve had a 30a Wedding, Rosemary Beach Wedding or an out of state wedding- you’re coming to Florida’s Emerald Coast for your honeymoon!

Below you can find Ultimate Pack List For Your Rosemary Beach Honeymoon.

Nothing says ultimate relaxation like the sugar white sands of Florida’s Gulf Coast.



The Ultimate Pack List For Your Rosemary Beach Honeymoon:

A Big Beach Bag.

I adore my Simply Southern beach bag.

It’s huge.

I can fit everything in there but my drinks (we gotta keep those babies in the cooler!)


Y’all. This is a really important one.

The Florida sun hits different.. and not in a good way. 😂

I always suggest use a minimum of SPF 45 and reapply and reapply.

You will feel like you’re always reapplying- this is basically the way to stay non-sunburned with our Florida sun.  😂



One for each of you.

(I can’t believe this has to be said but my husband Dame is constantly trying to take less towels than we have people and I am not sharing my beach towel.  😂 )



You may bring alcohol on our beaches. (Spring Break in Panama City Beach, FL is excluded- visit here to confirm the banned dates.)

Glass containers are NOT allowed on our beaches.

Cans are 100% welcome.

My favorite way to keep my drink cool is my Brumate.

Even on the hottest beach days, it keeps my drink ice cold.

10/10 would recommend.

(I’m not being paid to say this I’m just stoked about it!)



It’s super important to keep hydrated at the beach.

Especially in the hotter months.

I always bring plenty of ice water.


Jellyfish first aid kit.

You’ll want to be prepared in case you get a jellyfish sting.

The most common thing we hear is “I didn’t see a jellyfish but I think I got stung.”

The main reason for that is the boat propellers will chop the jellyfish up and the tentacles will be floating in the water.



I don’t know what it is about getting relaxed in your beach chair that makes you ready for a snack.

It happens every single time though.

Make sure to pack the cooler with plenty of snacks.

My favorite beach snacks are- mandarins, apples, and pretzels.


Beach Portraits?

As a Rosemary Beach Wedding Photographer, I have to put this one on the list!

If you’re wanting to capture some snapshots- bring your camera.

If you’re wanting to relax and have some fine art portraits captured of your honeymoon memories with your best friend- reach out here.

I would absolutely love to chat with you about preserving your legacy with the utmost love and care.


Enjoy your beach honeymoon and more importantly- Congratulations on your marriage to your best friend!


Rosemary Beach Wedding Photographer | Ashley Morse Portraits


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