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I have heard the question so many times.

Why did you decide to become a professional photographer as your career?


I used to think that is was because I didn’t want to forget how my kids are right now.

When Bell was little I didn’t take a bunch of pictures or anything and I regret that.


I have realized it is so much more.

My Great Grandpa Dude suffered from Alzheimer’s.

If you know anyone who has had this disease, you know it’s absolutely awful and heartbreaking to see.

I have seen what not remembering looks like.

I saw him not remember his kids, his grandchildren, his great grandchildren, his wife of 50+ years.

Can you imagine your husband of over 50 years not recognize you or remember your life together?

The thought of that is gut wrenching.


When I think back to when I was younger visiting Poppa Dude and he couldn’t remember us, I ask myself “how amazing would it have been to bring photo albums to show him to help remind him of who we are?

That’s exactly when I realized that it isn’t because I love taking cute pictures of my girls.

It’s so much more than that.



Poppa Dude helped me realize my why.

I want to create tangible artwork that you are proud to display in your home that becomes part of the tangible legacy that gets passed down through your children and grandchildren (and great grandchildren even!).

I don’t want to just take pictures for the purpose of sharing on facebook and instagram and that’s all.

Don’t get me wrong, sharing them online is cool but they’re worth so much more than that.

Honestly I believe wholeheartedly that your memories deserve so much more than that.


This is my why.

My Poppa Dude and Nana Ruby.

Their love endured so much.

It deserved to be documented and remembered.

I love to show this portrait to my daughters and tell them all about Nana Ruby and Poppa Dude.

This is all I have- one picture of their 50+ years of marriage, love and life.

Having tangible heirlooms to pass down to your family as part of your legacy is everything.

This is my why.







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