Mother’s Day Freebie! | Panama City Family Photo Craft

I feel like Mother’s Day is one of my favorite holidays.

Not because I’m a mom.

It’s special because I can celebrate all the strong women who have made me who I am.

My Grandmas and my mom are the best.


Usually when Dame asks me what I want, I say “I don’t need anything.”

Here’s the deal, I just want some flowers and homemade stuff from my kids.

Straight up.


I know I couldn’t do mommy and me portraits this year, but I still wanted to do something special for all the moms.

They deserve it so much.


I sat with Autumn and we made some watercolor pictures.

Please note- I’m not a professional in anyway shape or form in watercolor or hand lettering.

I understand that.


We used a crayola watercolor palette.

Like I said- not a professional at this. 😂

Autumn loved the purple. 😂

One of my favorite things was Flurry was laying on the ground right under Autumn and she had her foot resting on him.

Those two have been bff since before she was born.

When she was born, that was his baby.

Here’s a few pictures of baby muffin and her bff.



So I thought for Mother’s Day I could make something the dads could easily help with.

The printable book design has frames where the kids adorable drawings can go.

There’s questions that the kids can answer that mom will absolutely adore.

And- last but not least- instructions!

I know dads need all the help sometimes so I made step by step instructions that they can easily follow for a easy, fast and super meaningful Mother’s Day gift!

If you still need something to give to nana and grandma- there’s a book design for them too!


Get Your Free Mother’s Day Book Here!


Happy Mother’s Day and I can’t wait to see all the mommas loving their books!

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