Meet My New Marketing Employee | Panama City Lifestyle Photography

Meet My New Marketing Employee | Panama City Lifestyle Photography


Hello everybody!

With this pandemic, there are really no rules anymore.

I’m now a homeschool teacher.

I am desperately trying to figure it all out.

On the real.


After reading probably the best things I’ve read in quite a bit, one of my couples had the best idea.

Have my daughter Autumn do my marketing for a bit.

I will emphasize again- there aren’t any rules anymore.

So without further ado…


Meet my new marketing employee.

This is Autumn.

She is sassy.

Autumn says what is on her mind and it’s sometimes not the most comfortable thing for everyone around her.

Her nickname is muffin or goof goof.

She will be helping me with some marketing since she will be around more.  ????



She loves dogs and says she wants to be a veterinarian.

Still unsure if she can love snakes enough to work on them though.

If you invite her to your wedding, she will request the DJ to play Kidz Bop Thrift Shop.  ????


Today is her first day and she is sitting in the opposite corner of my office replying to my questions through a megaphone.



Her most famous quotes are:

“I want a tattoo of a couch on my back.”

“Chug! Chug! Chug!”¬† (Autumn said to herself before drinking her cereal milk).

“The boys wear black and the girls wear pretty stuff.” (Autumn describing wedding attire).

“Do you think mermaids poop like humans?”

“I want my hair to be all frisbee.”

Autumn is truly one of a kind.

She is known for her optimistic outlook on life and her fiery enthusiasm.

I am happy to have her and I hope you all enjoy her work over the next few weeks!







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