Kaitlynn + Kenny | Eden Gardens Wedding

Kaitlynn + Kenny | Eden Gardens Wedding

Kenny and Kaitlynn had the perfect September Eden Gardens Wedding.

I have known Kaitlynn and Kenny for years.

My husband Dame and Kenny used to work together in the Army.

Now they’re both veterans and we are all still great friends.


Years ago, When hurricane Michael was on the way, Kenny, Kaitlynn and their 3 pups came and rode out the storm with us at our house.

Bonding experience with super fabulous friends? Basically.

They’re just such solid people.


A few months ago we went to Seaside for their romantic Seaside beach engagements.

It was so much fun- and it got Kenny way more comfortable with the whole camera situation. 😂

What is there to say about Kaitlynn and Kenny?

I absolutely adore them.

Their laid back, down to Earth personalities make them soooooo much fun to be around and have in your life.


When Kaitlynn and Kenny asked me to be their photographer, I was so beyond excited.

Let me tell you, their wedding day was even better than I imagined.


Kaitlynn and her girls got ready at the house Kaitlynn rented for all her friends and family to gather at for the wedding festivities.

It was so ecclectic, it was fantastic.

The bathroom had the most gorgeous clawfoot tub.

Months ago Kaitlynn sent me the link to the house and I remembered her telling me how much she loved that tub.

I envisioned these portraits when I first saw the tub.

(Behind the scenes and not pictured: My assistant Baleigh shoved into the corner holding my light. The real MVP though.  😂  😂

Kaitlynn’s mom, sisters and new sister in law helped her get into her dress.

It was an absolute perfect moment hearing all of the girls giggling amongst each other as they all tried to get the buttons fastened.


Kaitlynn’s new sister in law brought her late mother’s pearls and Kaitlynn wore them for the day.

The pearls were the most classic addition to her stunning bridal look.

Kaitylnn wore vans that were custom designed by her little sister.

Honestly, Kaitlynn looked like a straight up princess on her wedding day.

Just absolutely flawless.


The bride shared the sweetest first look with her dad.

He was gleaming with pride for his sweet daughter.

They hesitated to look each other in the eye because they knew they would just come unglued.

It was so precious.


Kaitlynn and Kenny had the perfect Eden Gardens Wedding.

When I met Kenny to get him in position for their first look, he was just bursting with excitement.

He literally looked at me and said “Ashley I am so excited!”

It was the sweetest thing.


Kenny sat on the porch of the Eden Gardens State Park house.

When he saw his bride, he just could not hold back his smile.

Kaitlynn shared a few minutes of pure bliss with Kenny before we headed to get ready for the ceremony.

(Behind the scenes: For the first look and bride and groom portraits before the ceremony, there had been a few delays on the wedding day and that left us with under 20 minutes. Under 20 mintues for the first look and some bride and groom portraits! I assured Kaitlynn and Kenny we would totally knock it out quick and make it work.

What it looked like: I held my cameras and jogged to position Kenny. I hustled back to get Kaitlynn and led her to Kenny. They shared their first look, a few sweet minutes and I captured some of the sweetest tender moments between them. I whisked Kaitlynn back to the planner (Kelly Henderson, the sweetest angel alive) and Kenny to the alter. All under 20 minutes! When the timeline adjusts, I fall back on my systems to make sure we capture the important moments.)


The ceremony was under the most stunning huge tree.

Eden Gardens State Park has the most beautiful green grounds and huge, romantic looking trees (yes, I said that).




The rest of the day was full of so much laughter.

Surrounded by their closest family and friends.

You couldn’t ask for a better day.


Kaitlynn and Kenny will be enjoying their portraits in a gorgeous heirloom album and these deckled museum prints.


The Magic Behind The Scenes AKA The Vendor Team:

Venue: Eden Gardens State Park

Bridal Gown: Margaret Ellen Bridal 

Bridal Shoes: Vans

Hair and Makeup: Gallant Glam

Jewelry: Family heirlooms

Wedding Planner: Kelly Henderson at Make my Day Special

Wedding Coordinator: Kelly Henderson at Make My Day Special

Cake: Bonnie Vie

Officiant: Family friend

Favors: Panama City Coffee Company





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