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As a Inlet Beach Photographer, I meet many families from out of state.

As much as I hope you don’t need this kit, it’s great to have just in case.


There’s a lot to remember when packing for your beach trip to Inlet Beach, FL.

One of the most overlooked thing to pack is a jellyfish first aid kit in case of a sting.


inlet beach fl jellyfish

I love jellyfish. They’re so beautiful.

Being stung by jellyfish- I don’t love that as much. 😂

Our gorgeous Florida beaches are amazing, but…it’s mother nature baby.

During our Crab Island trip, we saw so many big moon jellies.


When I’ve gotten stung, I didn’t have a jellyfish first aid kit- and I wish I had.

The most common thing I hear is “I didn’t see a jellyfish but I think I got stung.”

That’s usually exactly what happens.

The reason is the boat propellers will chop the jellyfish up and the tentacles will be floating in the water.


I’ve gotten stung by a jelly a few times.

Honestly, it hurt.

I didn’t have a jellyfish first aid kit.

It wasn’t unbearable but I can see how a small child can get

stung and they would not be a happy camper.


I need to preface this post with:

If you get stung you should seek medical treatment from a medical doctor.

I am not qualified to give medical advice- nor am I trying to.

This is just what has worked for my friends/family for

immediate first aid treatment after a sting from a jellyfish.


Again, if you get stung you should probably hit up a doctor.

If you experience a jellyfish sting occurring on or near an eye-

DO NOT do any first aid measures and seek immediate medical care.


The Ultimate Jellyfish First Aid Kit


You’ll want to have a small container of white vinegar in your kit.

I have a silicone container filled with vinegar in my kit.

*Please note the vinegar is in a plastic container- glass containers are prohibited on all our Emerald Coast beaches*



If you have a tentacle that is stuck on your skin, you’re going to want these little babies. You can pluck the tentacle off with the tweezers and put it down- away from you. Don’t just put it on the sand near you- you’ll forget and step on it and get stung on your foot too. (Totally not speaking from experience with that one  😂 )


Allergy Medicine.

I like to have Claritin in my beach bag for two reasons. One, I always have allergies.  😂  Two, if you get stung by a jelly and you have an allergy to it- boom. Claritin.


Ace Bandage.

To possibly wrap around the sting later. Read how below.




The jellyfish first aid approach that has worked for us:

  1. Rinse affected area for 30 seconds with vinegar.
  2. Carefully remove the tentacles affected area using tweezers.
  3. You may very gently pat dry with clean, dry towel.
  4. Take directed dose of allergy medicine.
  5. If possible, soak affected area in hot (not scalding) water for 20 mins, or take a hot shower.
  6. Once dry you can wrap with ace bandage to give it just a little compression if you want.
  7. Seek immediate medical care if symptoms are severe.


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