It’s me, your girl Ash | Panama City Beach Photography



It’s me, your girl Ash. | Panama City Beach Photography



I know I have been pretty quiet lately.

That’s about to change so..buckle up.  😂

It’s been a pretty big time for me personally.


Making my family a priority and running my company has always been #1 in my heart.

If you’re an entrepreneur you know there really isn’t a rule book or manual.

It’s a learn as you go situation.

Well, let me tell you.

Sometimes, y’all I’m a slow learner.  😂  😂


When the quarantine first began, I kept myself busy with house projects and started really looking at my life.

I’ve always known I have never been the best at work life balance, but I never have evaluated it like I have within the last month.


Y’all, Panama City Beach Photography lately has been so busy- it’s the best!

A few weeks ago I had a long day with two Panama City Beach proposals followed by same day ordering appointments.

In the middle of that super long workday, I texted one of my best friends Kaitlynn and went to her house to hang out with her.


(You may remember her from the her fun Panama City Beach engagements with her fiance Kenny. We literally had the best time chilling.

Anywho, back to the story. My brain is like a squirrel when I’m telling stories, so it’s best you know that- straight up. )


We talked about how we’re so busy with work and life that it sucks how hard it is to get together. She showed me her new planner and told me how fantastic it was.

She pulled it out and we were both so damn hyped about this planner.

So obviously I had to hop on Amazon and order one.

Y’all this planner.

If you love planners and need some structure, you need this planner in your life.

It’s the High Performance Planner.


When I sat down to start it, I answered question after question and I thought “Okay this seems like a legit commitment.”

There were a lot of questions and I was a little embarrassed answering some of them.

I knew I didn’t spend enough quality time with my family but seriously, the results I saw from what I answered was not okay.

So I made a plan to sit and spend 100% undivided attention at family time everyday.

I sat down and really evaluated what makes me happy and how to achieve that while also achieving the goals in my career and home life as well.


We got ourselves two paddle boards to spend more family time enjoying the outdoors.

We bought them from this guy named Chad, like literally the cool surfer dude Chad.

He was just the most chill, helpful person giving us tons of advice.

He used to own a surf shop and was so knowledgeable.

I was like “Seriously, how awesome is it to find a guy like that to buy them from?”

 I’ll update with some photos after our adventure this weekend!


Basically the moral of my long story(ish) rant is this:

Sit and evaluate yourself. Honestly.

Find what makes you happy and commit to making time to do it.

Love your sweet babies- furry and not.

Be silly. Life is too short to be so serious.

Go chase those goals!













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