Haley + Zak | St. Andrew’s Wedding | St. Andrew’s Marina

Haley + Zak | St. Andrew’s Wedding Portraits | St. Andrew’s Marina


Zak is from England and Haley is moving to England once her visa comes through.

When she first told me this, I was like “OMMMMMMG! Have you ever seen 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way? That’s you guys!!”

So obviously I had to tell all my close friends and family who love that show about Haley and Zak. 😂😂

Haley and Zak’s St. Andrew’s wedding was not plan A. That didn’t stop it from being absolutely perfect anyways.


They originally planned on getting married a few months ago at Sheraton Bay Point Resort.

Covid-19 adjusted those plans and they ended up eloping in England.

We decided we would get some amazing bride and groom portraits when they came back to the US.

Man oh man were the portraits so worth every hurdle they went through.


Haley and Zak’s St. Andrew’s wedding portraits were truly worth the wait.

Haley has the two sweetest little kids, Olivia and Grant.

Grant was not the most willing participant at first, until (with Haley’s permission of course) I promised him he could come over for dinner and play with all the little chicken babies.

He was pretty excited about the sound of that.

Grant had the sweetest little grin.

Olivia was such a sweet little thing.

She wore a pretty sequined dress and was such a good sport as we walked around and captured portraits of Haley and Zak.

We also made sure to get some of the family!

Haley wore the most beautiful gown and veil.

Her veil was cathedral length and it was DREAMY.


The day of their St. Andrew’s wedding portraits was so nice.

We ended up taking portraits all around downtown St. Andrew’s.

We met at Oaks By The Bay and worked our way to the St. Andrew’s Marina.

There was a little salty breeze in the air from the marina.

We were graced with the most beautiful pink sunset peeking through the clouds.

October sunsets are my favorite- hands down.


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Haley and Zak make such an amazing couple.

When they are together, they laugh and joke basically 24/7.

Not to mention Zak says everything in the most adorable English accent and it makes it that much better.


Their St. Andrew’s Wedding portraits are everything you can wish for- moments of laughter, love and romantic wind.





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