Friday Frame Features | Panama City Portrait Photographer

Friday Frame Features | Panama City Portrait Photographer


Every Friday one of our custom frames will be featured.


Here are just a few of the custom frames we offer for our museum framed canvases.

Each portrait is fully edited and triple checked by multiple people with a fine-toothed comb before the canvas order is placed.

For our framed canvases, there are many options for frames.

This is why we will be featuring a frame each week.

You will get to see the details of the frame.

Learn about portraits that the frame compliments well and things to consider if you want to plan a portrait session where your end goal is a framed canvas with this specific frame.


A ton of information!

I know I know.

If you’re like me, you get super overwhelmed with a ton of information.

Hear me out.

It’ll be fine.

I will walk you through everything step by step holding your hand (metaphorically, obviously- that’d be a little weird).


What you can expect to see:

Images that showcase each frame’s unique features.

Specific details on the frame.


Information on what wardrobe choices will look best in a canvas with the specific frame.

Also we will feature examples of different decor that compliments the frame well.




I’ve heard the same thing from many clients.

They love the framed portraits but have no idea how to choose which would be best for them.

Especially if I haven’t captured their portraits yet.

These Friday Features will be so helpful when I say:

“Oh I think you’d love the Ornate Dark Brown frame-I’ll send you a blog posts all about it!”



I also believe each frame deserves to be showcased because they are all complete works of art.

Every single one.

Even styles I would normally not even like.

I catch myself going “oh well I actually really like this!”



So…get excited!

See you next Friday for the first frame! ????



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