The Barnwood Frame-Featured Frame | Panama City Photographer

Featured Frame-The Barnwood | Panama City Photographer


Here’s a few of our most popular frames.



Today’s frame that is in the spotlight is The Barnwood.

It’s absolutely beautiful.

It has a very unique texture and adds such beauty to any portrait it surrounds.

Beach portraits are my favorite thing to pair with this frame.


See how they’re made.

This video shows how our museum canvas is made before the frame is installed around it.


Now. Onto our featured frame…

The Barnwood.

This is one of my absolute faves.

It features a textured, rustic finish.

The frame width is 2.25″.

The frame height is 1.25″.


This frame is lovely in homes with light decor, or even a more classic decor.

This frame compliments beach portraits so well.

My favorite portraits to see in this frame are beach portraits- hands down.

The barnwood frame also compliments portraits of large extended families and portraits with foreground and background around the subjects (basically a lot of space ahead of and behind the people).


If you want to plan your portrait session and your end goal is a framed canvas with The Barnwood frame:

There’s a few things I would recommend.

Make sure you wear colors that are lighter hues.

Light blue, pink, ivory and layers adding texture pair beautifully with this frame.

Layers are going to be your best friend.

Locations with a sprawling beach behind and large areas of nature the most visually appealing portraits to pair with this frame.















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