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The Dark Brown Frame- Featured frame | Panama City Weddings

The Dark Brown Frame – Featured frame | Panama City Weddings



Here’s a few of our most popular frames.




Today’s frame that is in the spotlight is the Dark Brown.

Honestly? This was a frame that really grew on me.

I didn’t think much of it, until I saw it paired with images that it complimented well and OMGGGG.

It’s to die for.



Each portrait is fully edited and triple checked by multiple people with a fine-toothed comb before the canvas order is placed.

For our framed canvases, there are many options for frames.

This is why we will be featuring a frame each week.

You will get to see the details of the frame.

Learn about portraits that the frame compliments well and things to consider if you want to plan a portrait session where your end goal is a framed canvas with this specific frame.


A ton of information!

I know I know.

Hear me out.

It’ll be fine.

I will walk you through everything step by step holding your hand (metaphorically, obviously- that’d be a little weird).


See how they’re made.

This video shows how our museum canvas is made before the frame is installed around it.




Now. Onto our featured frame…

The Dark Brown.

It features a classic, rounded finish.

The frame width is 4″.

The frame height is 2 3/16″.

This frame is wide, has a deep rich color and is 100% a statement piece when paired with the right image.


This frame is lovely in homes with lighter decor, boho decor, farmhouse decor and even classic decor.

This frame compliments nature portraits well.

Also, classic wedding portraits are pretty in this frame.

This frame also looks great with images with a lot of natural texture(such as jetties).


If you want to plan your portrait session and your end goal is a framed canvas with The Dark Brown Frame:

There’s a few things I would recommend.

You can wear colors that are lighter hues, or some more neutral tones.

Then add accessories that are a earthy tone.

Layers and textures are going to really help this portrait shine within the frame.

Locations like the beach, outdoors with trees and fields pair very well with this frame.

Some examples are below.



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