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Featured Custom Frame-The Classic Ivory

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Here’s a few of our most popular frames.


Each portrait is fully edited and triple checked by multiple people with a fine-toothed comb before the canvas order is placed.

For our framed canvases, there are many options for frames.

This is why we will be featuring a frame each week.

You will get to see the details of the frame.

Learn about portraits that the frame compliments well and things to consider if you want to plan a portrait session where your end goal is a framed canvas with this specific frame.


A ton of information!

I know I know.

Hear me out.

It’ll be fine.

I will walk you through everything step by step holding your hand (metaphorically, obviously- that’d be a little weird).


Today’s frame that is in the spotlight is the classic ivory.

It’s beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

It is very classic and one of the frames that can really compliment just about any portrait it surrounds.


See how they’re made.

This video shows how our museum canvas is made before the frame is installed around it.





Now. Onto our featured frame…

The classic ivory.

This is one of my absolute faves.

It features a hand painted finish.

The frame width is 2 3/16″.

The frame height is 1.75″.


This frame is lovely in homes with farmhouse, classic, modern or country decor.

Basically this frame fits great with any decor.

It has a nice height from the wall that even when you have a accent canvas in this frame, it still makes a statement.

In a very understated, classic way.

This frame compliments portraits that are colorful and have depth.

The Classic Ivory frame also compliments portraits that have multiple people and layers.


If you want to plan your portrait session and your end goal is a framed canvas with The Classic Ivory frame:

There’s a few things I would recommend.

Make sure you include plenty of textures.

Layers are going to be your best friend.

Locations with a pier behind, sea oats or Spanish Moss trees will create the most visually appealing portraits to pair with this frame.


Below are just a few ways my clients have found to enjoy their framed canvases with the classic ivory frame.



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