The Shetuni Family | Sweet Bay Family Session | Panama City Beach Family photographer   Jaclyn and Brandon have the three sweetest kids. Bennett is four and such a charming and sweet boy. Portia and Penelope are two year old twins and they are the cutest little curly haired girls.   The morning we met […]

I feel like Mother’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. Not because I’m a mom. It’s special because I can celebrate all the strong women who have made me who I am. My Grandmas and my mom are the best.   Usually when Dame asks me what I want, I say “I don’t need […]

Penny Lou’s A Boat Dog! | Panama City Family Fishing Trip Here’s what you should know. Penny Lou is a total daddy’s girl.   When we first rescued her, she was scared to death of pretty much everything. Poor little baby. She would let me get close. After about a month, she warmed up to […]

Sea Dragon Pirate Cruise | Family Fun in Panama City Beach My sweet out of town clients are always wanting to know what fun things they can do with their family during their vacation. If you have kids, this is the one thing you do not want to miss. Full transparency- my husband Dameon is […]

My WHY. | Panama City family photographer   I have heard the question so many times. Why did you decide to become a professional photographer as your career?   I used to think that is was because I didn’t want to forget how my kids are right now. When Bell was little I didn’t take […]

The important box. | Panama City Photographer   Okay this is going to sound weird. Hear me out.   I was so excited when I ordered these new boxes to add to my client gifts and when they came in I had to assemble one right away. I sat it on my office shelf and […]

Martin Family | McKenzie Park Family Session | Panama City Downtown Family Portraits I’ve known the Martin family for a few years now. They are the next door neighbors! They’re fabulous neighbors too. Fabulous! I have to keep correcting myself because I want to say Erica and Michael. This year they became the Martin family! […]

I’m not perfect, and my kids don’t care. | Panama City Family Photographer   So… there’s one thing that is completely obvious during the kid’s Christmas break- especially the days between Christmas and New Years where literally no one knows what day it is. I am not perfect. Not even close.   Honestly? As far […]

How I began | Florida wedding photographer   I’ve heard it a lot lately. How did your business start? Did you start out with the mindset that you wanted to start a business? Goodness no. I just wanted to get good pictures of the girls.   Dameon sat me down a few weeks before my […]

December 2019 | Panama City Beach Family Memories   So, this December was a little hectic. More hectic than our last Decembers. We have been dealing with huge adjustments this year.   December has always been my favorite time of year. I always love decorating the Christmas tree and putting up all the decorations.   […]