Bock Family | Beach Proposal Panama City Beach | Holiday Inn Resort in Panama City Beach

Bock Family | Beach Proposal Panama City Beach | Holiday Inn Resort in Panama City Beach


The Bock family portraits and surprise proposal was absolute perfection.

What more could you wish for except a beach proposal in Panama City Beach?

I had the consultation with Amy (who’s the mom of the newly engaged Darian) and when I talked with her we both cried .

We talked about life experiences, we talked about how we’ve come to realize that moments with your family and little moments throughout life are so important.

I was so excited to meet her in person and so very excited after talking with both her and Mark to help them execute the surprise proposal for Darian.


When the morning came, we met at the beach by their Holiday Inn Resort in Panama City Beach.

It was the most gorgeous sunny day.

The salty ocean breeze was blowing and the water was crystal clear with that gorgeous emerald green color.

We took a few pictures so we could trick Darian into thinking we were really only just doing family portraits.

When I went to photograph Darian and Mark I captured a few couples portraits.

Then I told Mark: “Okay Mark, pull Darian in closer and tell her when you knew she was the one.”

That was the cue we had come up with.

At that moment that is when he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him.

Darian’s whole family including her extended family were there cheering them on from the beach.

There was not a dry eye on that beach.

I was shaking as I was capturing it because I was just so overcome with emotion.

After they basked in their newly engaged bliss for a few minutes, I captured a few more portraits of the family.

Some of my favorites from their session are some romantic portraits of the newly engaged honeys frolicking in the ocean.

When I returned to The Holiday Inn Panama City Beach Resort a few hours later for their ordering session, everyone was so excited.

We sat and watched a cinematic slideshow of all the best portraits from their session , their reactions were some of the best ever.

Amy started crying, her husband Chris started crying, and I looked around and everyone else’s eyes were filled with tears.

All the portraits captured the sheer joy and happiness of the day and it was wonderful.


The Bock family will enjoy their portraits in a heirloom leather album and a gorgeous framed canvas above their mantle.

I can’t wait to see their family portrait in a gorgeous framed canvas with a champagne frame that’s new home will be right above their fireplace.

I’m so excited for them to enjoy their portraits every single day as they go about their daily lives.





The session was everything you could ever wish for and then more. The best ever.




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