2020 for my family | Panama City Photographers | Ashley Morse Portraits

2020 for my family | Panama City Photographers | Ashley Morse Portraits

I always write my yearly reviews and this year is a little different.

I know this year was so difficult for so many, and Panama City Beach photographers weren’t any different.

This year tested everyone in ways we wish we weren’t.

2020 brought me so many blessings too.

While I wasn’t busy shooting Panama City Beach family sessions, I was busy at home.


My sister was over and helped us remove all the mulch from our front yard landscape.

Dame kept yelling at us for taking margarita breaks.

Doesn’t he know free quarantine manual labor has no labor laws?

Literally, hostile work environment.😂  😂


We had 9.75 tons of rock delivered and we used that to landscape the front with rock.

Remember when I said I am not built for manual labor?

Yeah, this was a task I 100% struggled through.

10/10 would not recommend.

Hire someone y’all. Trust me. 😂  😂


The weather was beautiful this spring, so I know it was a hard time for all the Panama City photographers who just wanted to be out shooting in the gorgeous spring weather.


We took the boat out a lot.

It was literally the best social distancing situation ever.

Dame loved it because he was made to be out on the water.

He gets this whole different look in his eyes and he is in his element.

Frankly, it’s hysterical and super cute.


Penny had her first boat day.

That poor thing was so nervous at first, then absolutely was loving life.


We got chickens and ducks!

If you missed last week’s post about the chicken coop we built, it’s great.

Those babies have been so loved from before they even came home to live with us.

Here’s some older/newer portraits of the babies.






Basically, we got even weirder in 2020.

I’m diggin it though.


Crazy chicken lady and proud baby!





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