2020 Goal: Luscious Backyard | Panama City Beach Photographer | Ashley Morse Portraits

2020 Goal: Luscious Backyard| Panama City Beach Photographers | Ashley Morse Portraits



I always write my yearly reviews and this year is a little different.

I know this year was so difficult for so many, and Panama City Beach photographers weren’t any different.

This year tested everyone in ways we wish we weren’t.

2020 brought me so many blessings too.

While I wasn’t busy shooting Panama City Beach family sessions, I was busy at home.

The weather was beautiful this spring, so I know it was a hard time for all the Panama City Beach photographers who just wanted to be out shooting in the gorgeous spring weather.


A lot of you don’t know this, but I did NOT want to get chickens.

I literally thought to myself “I don’t need another thing to have to care for.”

Dame and Autumn convinced me.

My terms were: We can get chickens but we have to build them a legit coop.

So during quarantine, Dame and I went to work.

We used Ana White’s Chicken Coop Plan.




Let me tell you, I am not built for manual labor y’all.

I’m not good at it.  😂

Dame and I built a big fence around our garden area.

Then we started on the coop.

That thing is a beast.

We moved the base after we assembled it and it was a struggle. 😂

Anywho, I am so glad I got those little babies.

I absolutely LOVE those chicky babies.

Except Dottie, he’s rude. I love him but a little less.

We took the boat out a lot. It was literally the best social distancing situation ever. Dame loved it because he was made to be out on the water. He gets this whole different look in his eyes and he is in his element. Frankly, it's hysterical and super cute.      


I was actually able to sit, without chaos and work and life 24/7 and actually think about what’s important to me.

What makes me happy.

I spent quality time with my family.

Maybe too much time by the time quarantine was over.  😂

I really missed seeing all my sweet families at their Panama City Beach family sessions.

It also made me REALLY realize how much I absolutely love being a Panama City Beach Photographer.


All the time at home made me realize just how much I love being at home.

We still had our damaged sunroom from the hurricane so we decided to tear that down.

We hired a landscape company to expand our back patio (we had a baby slab from the sunroom left).

I built outdoor furniture for the back patio.

(I didn’t take pictures of any of that because it was NOT pretty. Lots of sweat. *gag*- Autumn took one so I have to share it)




Basically, we got even weirder in 2020.

I’m diggin it though.


Crazy chicken lady and proud baby!




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